Find the best authentic sushi fish including the finest sashimi grade fresh and quick frozen fish. We've picked out the tastiest seafood, sustainably sourced where possible, and caught using fishing methods that produce as little by-catch as possible.

Check out this sustainable Alaskan King salmon, the incredibly good yellowfin tuna, these delicious and sustainable yellowtail jack fillets, fresh & super healthy sardines, and don't forget about the skipjack tuna! This is the tuna we should be eating; it's smaller and lower on the food chain, and therefore has less mercury and more omega fatty acids and is a more sustainable resource. And of course, you can load up on all your staples like unagi, ika, mahi mahi and more here at Sushi PRO!

Yellowtail Jack Fillet
by pounds, $11.47
Alaskan King Salmon Fillet
$18.87 /pound
About 1.6 pounds, $33.99
by pound, $19.99
steelhead trout, net caught in US and Canada
by pound, $17.67
Sablefish / Black Cod Fillet (Gindara)
$18.97 /pound
Fresh Sardines
$4.87 /pound
Mahi Mahi fillet
$14.27 /pound
one pound min, $24.99
by pound, $44.99
Horse Mackerel (Aji)
$33.77 /pound
$15.77 /pound
$14.97 /pound
Skipjack Tuna (Katsuo)
$12.47 /pound
Hawaiian Albacore Lion (Ttombo)
$13.77 /pound

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